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Funding at a glance

Programme: Backing Community-Led Housing
Amount: £33,503 grant
Approved: 2018
Timescale:  Five months


Evidencing the benefits of living in community-led housing.

Why we are funding this project

Evidencing the health and wellbeing and other wider benefits derived from living in community-led housing, so that it leads to greater demand for and delivery of this housing model.

Strategic purpose

This research supports the Backing Community-Led Housing programme as a way of increasing delivery of homes for people in need. It will highlight the additional advantages of community-led housing over and above addressing housing need.

Project description

Wales Cooperative Centre believes that community-led housing schemes should play a greater role in the future of Welsh housing. The organisation has multiple examples of anecdotal evidence to suggest that people living in these schemes benefit from improved health and wellbeing, improved community cohesion, reduced anti-social behaviours and improved financial savings.

This research project will seek to take this anecdotal evidence and test whether these benefits are realised. The project will produce a final report which will be disseminated to promote the findings.

Wales Cooperative Centre wants to raise public awareness of the benefits of community-led housing schemes and increase the attractiveness of this model as a solution to addressing housing need.

The Centre seeks to inform those looking to live in community-led housing schemes, as well as housing experts and policy-makers across Wales. It anticipates that the evidence will lead to more local authorities responding to local need by making land and funding more accessible and thereby enabling more groups to develop community-led housing schemes.

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