Tenants Union

Funding at a glance

Programme: Transforming the Private Rented Sector
Amount: £88,682 grant
Approved: 2019
Timescale: 21 months


Tenants’ voice programme – elevating the voices of Greater Manchester’s tenants through the creation of a tenant-led housing manifesto.

Why we are funding this project

This project is part of the Nationwide Foundation’s tenants’ voice programme. In total seven organisations, of which Tenants Union is one, are helping tenants whose personal characteristics and circumstances mean that they cannot avoid the potential problems of living in the private rented sector – such as insecurity, poor living conditions, high costs and severe lack of choice – and which therefore puts them at increased risk of harm.

Tenants should be a central part of any changes to the private rented sector, yet their voices are often absent and excluded from meaningful debate. In response, the Nationwide Foundation’s funding for tenants’ voice is supporting private rented sector tenants by giving them a stronger voice in the debates on their personal housing issues or in housing matters in their local area.

Strategic purpose

Tenants will have a stronger voice in the debates on the private rented sector and housing.

Project description

This 21-month project aims to elevate the voices of Greater Manchester private rented sector tenants through the creation of a tenant-led housing manifesto. The manifesto would be used to campaign for changes to PRS policy and practice in Greater Manchester and more widely.

Tenants Union

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