Institute of Public Policy Research

Funding at a glance

Programme: Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System
Amount: £75,188 grant
Approved: 2018
Timescale: One year
Status: Funding in progress

Developing a new personalised rent model which adjusts rental payments according to income and is therefore genuinely affordable for low-income households.

Why we are funding this project

To contribute to the debate and evidence-base on what affordable housing means, by developing a new rent model which is genuinely affordable for low-income households.

Strategic purpose

To improve understanding of the ideas that have potential to create change.

Project description

Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) is exploring a personalised rent model for the social housing sector that looks at household incomes and sets rent accordingly. This means that as a household’s income increases or decreases, so too will the rent.

The model would ensure affordable housing is genuinely affordable to social tenants on low incomes, and will also offer tenants more stable and secure housing.

Crucial to this project is understanding how to scale the personalised rent model, so that the potential could be maximised. IPPR is seeking to understand how the current rental system interacts with the welfare benefits’ system.

This project will also feed into the Affordable Housing Commission by contributing to the debate on a new definition of affordability.


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