Wessex Community Assets (WCA)

Funding: £162,724 grant and £20,000 programme-related investment over four years. Funding approved in 2017.

What is being funded: The expansion and development of a regional infrastructure hub, which will strengthen support for community-led housing in Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Why we are funding this project: To learn how a community-led housing infrastructure hub can become sustainable, whilst also increasing the amount of support given to emerging and existing community groups that wish to progress their own community-led housing schemes.

Strategic purpose: Better access to information, support, advice and technical expertise that is needed to progress a scheme.

Background: The south-west of England received the highest portion of the government's Community Housing Fund, largely due to the high number of second homes in the region. WCA has proven expertise in offering support to community land trusts in the area. To enable the region to maximise from this opportunity to deliver more affordable homes, WCA negotiated with local authorities in Devon, Somerset and Dorset to secure a contribution of their Community Housing Fund money. This has allowed WCA to create a regional infrastructure hub supporting the 13 local authorities as they deliver new community-led housing. The hub is providing technical support, advice and guidance about a range of community affordable housing models (not just community land trusts).

Project Description:

As a result of this work

The funding from the Nationwide Foundation has been awarded to enhance government funding from the Community Housing Fund and will:

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