Funding at a glance

Amount: £160,456.50
Approved: 2015

Locality was funded by the Nationwide Foundation to provide tailored business support and grants to 22 early-stage affordable community-led housing projects. The projects were located in deprived urban areas in England facing homelessness and affordability issues.

The Locality CLH Early Stage Support programme involved a wide range of Locality’s own community-led housing members and staff as mentors to the new project groups. Locality helped the projects scope out their community-led housing ideas, using the expertise of those already operating similar projects, to assess their needs and help them to view the possible options, including on-the-ground visits to exemplar projects.

Examples of the success of the Early Stage Support programme include:

Locality is a registered charity with a membership base of over 500 community groups in England. Its overarching aim is to assist groups to improve their own neighbourhoods in a sustainable way and to take more control of the issues that affect local people, particularly those in need. Many of its members run local assets, such as community halls and there is a significant growth and interest in the area of community-led housing projects.


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