Town and Country Planning Association (Improving the planning system)

Funding at a glance

Programme: Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System
Amount: £141,810 grant
Approved: 2017
Timescale: 18 months

Empowering local authorities with the capacity, skills and confidence to negotiate with housing developers to deliver more affordable housing.

Why we are funding this project

To build evidence on how the planning system currently delivers affordable housing and to use this evidence to influence changes to policy and practice. The intention is that this will lead to the increased supply of genuinely affordable homes (homes at social rent levels).

Strategic purpose

Improve understanding of which ideas have potential to create change.

Project description

This project builds on learning from a previously funded project How can councils secure the delivery of more affordable homes? New models, partnerships and innovations, which, among other things, identified that there is a lack of skills, capacity and confidence among local authority planning officers and councillors to negotiate with housing developers. This results in the delivery of fewer affordable homes than these local authorities would like to achieve.

TCPA will gain robust evidence on how the planning system is currently working with respect to the delivery of genuinely affordable homes and will evaluate cases where councils are delivering higher levels of affordable housing. This knowledge will be used to influence best practice in local authorities across England by developing guidance and training to be given to councils about how they can make the most of their planning powers to secure higher levels of affordable homes.

The project also seeks to influence policy, by using the research to influence two significant policy events:

  1. The consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework in 2018
  2. The proposed green paper from the for Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on social housing.

Town and Country Planning Association

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