Camden Federation of Private Tenants – Renters’ Rights London

Funding at a glance

Programme: Transforming the Private Rented Sector
Amount: £46,000 grant
Approved: 2018
Timescale: One year

The Renters’ Rights London project, run by Camden Federation of Private Tenants, will allow local authorities to improve the support that they offer to private rented sector tenants and will empower tenants to use the resources available and voice their opinions.

Why we are funding this project

The Renters’ Rights London project will ensure that:

  • The issues and profile of private rented sector tenants are raised among local authorities
  • Local authorities are targeting their resources to support private rented sector tenants
  • Private rented sector tenants are aware of the resources available to them
  • Tenants know how they can become an active player in their communities and they feel empowered to participate.

Strategic purpose

To ensure that tenants have a stronger voice in the debates on the private rented sector and housing.

Project description

Renters’ Rights London is a project run by the Camden Federation of Private Tenants. It will focus on its work with five London local authorities, actively engaging and working with them to make sure that the authorities are aware of the issues facing the increasing numbers of private tenants living in their boroughs. The project will make sure that these local authorities are focusing their resources on supporting those in the private rented sector who are most in need of help.

Renters’ Rights London will also work with tenants so that they are fully aware of the help and support that is available to them and that they know how they can exercise their rights and voice their opinions. The combined impact will be that tenants will be more engaged in the political processes that are in place locally and able to access local support.

Renters’ Rights London

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