Transforming the Private Rented Sector in Greater Manchester

Funding: Around £1 million for minimum of three years. Funding approved in 2017.

What is being funded:A place-based collaborative programme to innovate and improve upon services and interventions in Greater Manchester's private rented sector housing.

Why are we funding this project: Solutions to problems in the private rented sector will be tested and evidenced, so that they can be scaled up in the future and improve the experiences of tenants, using the opportunity presented by the new combined authority. This programme will ensure that tenants' voices are routinely included in debates about changes to the private rented sector.

Strategic purpose: Tenants have a stronger voice in the debates on the private rented sector and housing.

Project summary: This significant funding supports new collaborative work to find system-wide solutions that will improve the private rented sector for vulnerable tenants in Greater Manchester.

The work will innovate and improve upon services and interventions impacting on private rented sector housing in Greater Manchester, so that the sector becomes more affordable and better quality for vulnerable tenants.

The ideas for solutions will be explored via a test and learn grants programme that will evidence learning, with the intention of future scaling up. The project will maximise the opportunity presented by the new metro mayoral political system for influencing local and, in time, national changes to policy and practice.

To deliver the work, a project manager will report to a partnership board, which will include representatives from the new mayoral combined authority, housing providers, local authorities, charities, landlords, relevant agencies and, most importantly, existing private tenants and those with lived experience of the private rented sector. Crucial to the project's approach is the inclusion of tenants' voices and their engagement in decisions. The project manager will be hosted by Shelter Greater Manchester.

This work was initiated by the Nationwide Foundation and is the first place-based funding approach for us.

The work began in summer 2017 and is expected to continue for at least three years.

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