Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York

Funding: £201,971 over 16 months. Funding approved in 2016.

What is being funded:

Why we are funding this project: To enable service providers and policymakers to make effective and informed decisions about ways to deliver decent, affordable housing in the private rented sector, based on comprehensive and up-to-date information of who is living in the sector. The work is also expected to reveal where there are gaps in knowledge around the experiences of tenants - particularly vulnerable tenants - in the private rented sector.

Strategic purpose: More robust evidence of the solutions to address the issues of cost, quality, security and access in the private rented sector is available and used to inform policy and practice.

Project summary: The Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York is conducting an independent and objective review of the private rented sector in England, to establish whether it responds adequately to the needs of its various tenants. It will particularly focus on:

  1. a comprehensive analysis of the 'state of play'
  2. an assessment of the policy interventions currently impacting on the sector
  3. proposing policy options which could contribute to more effective operation

This review will provide a comprehensive, credible and neutral overview of the state of the private rented sector in England and is expected to have impact on many organisations concerned with housing.

The Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York is carrying out the work, undertaken by Julie Rugg and David Rhodes, who were the authors of The Private Rented Sector: Its Contribution and Potential (informally known as the Rugg Review), published in 2008.

The completed work is expected to be published in summer 2018.

In addition to the review, a separate piece of research to be carried out by the same academic team. This will assess the extent that the private rented sector meets the housing needs of vulnerable tenants. This will be published alongside the main review.

Centre for Housing Policy

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