Our Approach

Champion: As an independent charity with a household name, we are well positioned to champion the causes we support. This includes working with grantees and key players to raise awareness of issues faced by people in need in order to influence change.

Innovate: In a climate where resources are tighter than they have been in many decades, it is important that we and our grantees think more creatively about what can be done to improve the lives of people in need. We are willing to fund the development of new ideas and approaches that have little or no track record but have the potential to deliver great results in the future.

Collaborate: We recognise the benefits of working collaboratively to achieve greater impacts. This includes:

Facilitate: In order to help influence change, we act as a broker between grantees and policymakers, for example, hosting parliamentary briefings enabling grantees to communicate their messages to government and other policymakers.

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