Transforming the Private Rented Sector

We will help transform the private rented sector so that it provides homes for people in need that are more affordable, secure, accessible and are better quality.

Why we are transforming the private rented sector

The private rented sector is too often characterised by insecurity, poor living conditions, high rents and a lack of choice, meaning that many tenants experience instability and inequality. In addition, growth of the private rented sector in recent years means that it is larger than the social housing sector and in many cases it is the only housing option accessible to many of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK.

The unacceptable living conditions and the number of already disadvantaged people being forced to live in these homes is having a massive negative social impact, not just on individuals, but on our society as whole. People are suffering from financial hardship because of unaffordable housing costs, and the private rented sector also affects physical and mental health, as well opportunities to maximise employment and education. Combined, these disadvantages make it very difficult to establish settled and financially secure lives.

The change we want to see

The change we want to see is that the private rented sector provides homes for people in need which are more affordable, secure, accessible and are better quality.

We believe that the private rented sector needs radical action: making improvements will not be enough to make a meaningful difference. Instead we want to help transform the sector so that it offers truly decent and affordable homes to every private tenant.

We want to see more robust evidence of the solutions to address the issues of cost, quality, security and access in the private rented sector being used to inform policy and practice. In addition, we would like tackling the issues of the private rented sector to be a greater priority for government (local, devolved and national).

We want to help create a future of private renting where tenants are better able to access and sustain their tenancies; where all landlords deliver a higher quality of service to tenants; where tenants have a strong voice in the debates about housing; and where tenants have robust rights which are effectively enforced.

What we will support

To begin with, the focus of our support will be on building more robust knowledge about the state of the private rented sector. In 2008, the original Rugg Review provided a comprehensive picture of the private rented sector, but there have been stark changes and considerable growth to the sector since then, with little agreement about what is truly happening. Therefore ,we are funding fresh, up-to-date analysis. We want this work to enable service providers and policymakers to make good decisions based on comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Transforming the Private Rented Sector in Greater Manchester is a place-based funding approach working to find solutions that will meaningfully improve the private rented sector for vulnerable tenants in Greater Manchester and give tenants a substantial voice in changes to policy and practice.

We are working with identified partners for this programme, therefore we are not running an open grants application process at this time.

Available funding

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