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The Nationwide Foundation's Board of Trustees recently invited members of the Nationwide Building Society and the Nationwide Foundation to ask a question or provide feedback about the Foundation's work. The questions and answers are provided below:

Question: Why has the Nationwide Foundation decided to channel all of its funding to support one specific area?

Answer: The Nationwide Foundation's independent Board of Trustees is responsible for deciding how the Foundation's funding will be used. The Board does this in line with its grant-making policy which is set out below:

The Trustees of the Foundation are committed to:

The Nationwide Foundation:

In 2013, the Nationwide Foundation's board of trustees agreed the current funding strategy. The Decent Affordable Homes strategy has a vision that everyone in the UK should have access to a decent home they can afford.

The Nationwide Foundation's trustees understand that the conditions, stability and cost of housing have far-reaching impacts on the quality of people's lives. Poor housing can exacerbate the impact of poverty and research has shown that housing factors can affect a range of negative outcomes on health, wellbeing, employability and other adverse life outcomes. The Nationwide Foundation's Decent Affordable Homes strategy aims to tackle the root cause of those negative impacts, by creating the conditions for more good quality, stable and affordable housing.

We hope this explains why the Nationwide Foundation's funding is used to create decent affordable homes for people in need.

Question: I have been a nationwide member for over 2 years now and have been involved with a local charity witch helped house under 18 year olds. I can't remember the name of I don't know if it still exists but what I'd like to know more about and I think there is a market for, do you guys support or help with building any homes for young people in Scotland there is a lot of empty properties so was hoping there is a plan for a charity that could step in and do something plus I'd like to know more about you plans if you could provide me with I'd be grateful

Answer: The Nationwide Foundation is an independent charity which receives its money from Nationwide Building Society. The Nationwide Foundation uses the money that Nationwide Building Society provides it to award grants and social investments to charitable causes across the UK for work that fits with its Decent Affordable Homes funding strategy. This strategy aims to create decent, affordable housing for people in need.

One aspect of the Nationwide Foundation's strategy is bringing empty properties back into use as homes for people in need. Seven projects across the UK have been funded to create over 60 decent, affordable homes.

One of the projects funded is the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust. The Trust is creating homes from long-term empty properties for people in remote villages in the Scottish Highlands. These homes are available at affordable rent to people in housing need who otherwise would be priced out of the market and forced to leave the area. The project has also provided training opportunities for local young people.

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The Foundation always welcomes feedback about its work and is happy to answer any questions about its activities. Please contact us if you would like to get in touch.

Many thanks for your questions, Nationwide Foundation Board of Trustees

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