Generation Rent - funded by Nationwide Foundation - highlights the extent of the problems faced by private rented tenants

Generation Rent, an organisation representing the rights of Britain's private rented tenants has uncovered the extent of the crisis affecting Britain's nine million private renters. Its survey of over 1,000 renters shows that the high cost of rents is the number one concern for those in the private rented sector. Over half (52%) said their biggest problem is the cost of rent which is eroding their quality of life. Four in ten tenants (39%) say that they have had to limit heating their property because of the cost of rent, while 33% say that they have had to cut back on food.

Generation Rent has received a grant of £725,000 from the Nationwide Foundation to focus on improving the living conditions of vulnerable private rented tenants. The Nationwide Foundation is an independent charity (supported by Nationwide) which makes grants and social investments to fund charitable work. The Nationwide Foundation's Decent, Affordable Homes funding strategy has a vision for everyone in the UK to have access to a decent home which they can afford.

Generation Rent is campaigning to end the multiple problems that many private renters face and is calling for:

Leigh Pearce, the Nationwide Foundation's interim chief executive said: "The Nationwide Foundation believes that everyone should have access to a decent home they can afford. Sadly as the research shows, this is not the reality for many renters in the UK today. By funding Generation Rent, we believe the difficulties that some private tenants face will be better highlighted. Generation Rent is identifying meaningful changes that will enable renting to become a more satisfactory tenure."

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