The Nationwide Foundation helps communities build affordable homes

The shortage of affordable housing has been forcing some people to move away from the towns and villages they grew up in. This has led to a boom in the number of community groups tackling the issue by obtaining local land and building affordable housing for local people.

The Community Land Trust Fund (CLTF), which receives funding from the Nationwide Foundation, provides specialist loan finance to these groups. CLTF has lent £2.6m to 29 projects since it was launched in 2008, helping to build 96 new homes to rent or buy, with 124 more planned or being built. In the last six months, CLTF has seen demand double.

A community land trust is a community-led organisation that develops physical assets to meet the needs of the local community, typically affordable housing. Most projects have been in rural areas hit by housing shortages, but the idea is also taking off in towns and cities, with more and more applications coming through for small community led urban developments.

For an interactive map of CLTs in various stages of development across the country visit this page.

Lyvennet Valley Community Land Trust, Cumbria

One project supported by the Community Land Trust Fund is in Lyvennet Valley, Cumbria, tackling the housing needs of four local villages.

The Lyvennet Valley Community Land Trust has built 20 homes, mainly for local young people, as the lack of young families is threatening local services and causing concern in the community.

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