Available Funding

We have funding available for our programme, Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System, see details below.

We are in the process of preparing the funding programme for Backing Community-Led Housing. If you are looking for funding in this area, please revisit our website to find out more in April 2017.

We will use our funding to support specific projects for Transforming the Private Rented Sector, so we are not looking for organisations to fund under this programme at the moment.

Nurturing ideas to Change the Housing System

Before you apply, please make sure you have read about this programme and about our Decent Affordable Homes strategy.

We would be happy to accept applications from a wide-range of grantees, from academic and thinktanks through to small community groups.

The work we fund may include researching, testing, developing, piloting and evaluating an idea which leads to an increase in the availability of decent affordable homes for people in need. The opportunity for your idea to be scaled-up or be replicable at a later stage is important to us, but we know that in some cases the idea will need to be explored first, before this potential is really known.

We will not always be funding something that is totally new. For example, evaluating the success of an existing model and looking at how it could be replicated successfully, is something we would consider funding. Likewise, proposals for a housing solution which has been used elsewhere, and which could be introduced into a new locality may be funded.

Change cannot be affected by just one organisation or in isolation, so we expect fundees to be working in collaboration with other stakeholders in the housing sector, be that other charities, local authorities, funders. Plus, our approach as funder means we will want to work with you so that together we can help your idea flourish.

Making an application

If you think your work aligns with our programme for Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System, then please send details of your proposal in no more than 500 words to: applications@nationwidefoundation.org.uk

Your proposal should:

  1. Tell us about your organisation and the work you already do
  2. Tell us briefly about the idea you want us to fund and why it will contribute towards the change we want to see
  3. The amount of funding you are looking for and proposed timescales

We will aim to respond to your proposal within 10 working days. If we then want you to submit a full bid for funding, we will work with you to prepare this and will probably arrange to meet with you to explain our work and discuss your idea in depth.

If you need any further information, please contact our head of programmes, Sam Stewart by email: Samantha.stewart@nationwidefoundation.org.uk or phone 01793 657181.

There is no deadline for applications.

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