How to apply for Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System

Before you apply, please make sure you have read about this programme and about our Decent Affordable Homes strategy.

We would be happy to accept applications from a wide range of grantees, from academic and thinktanks through to small community groups (but not individuals).

In 2017/18, we have £1 million allocated to this programme. We do not set minimum or maximum grant limits, however as a guide, it’s unlikely we would fund a project with less than £5,000.

If you think your work aligns with our programme for Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System, then please send details of your proposal in no more than 500 words to:

Your proposal should tell us:

  1. About your organisation and the work you already do
  2. Briefly about the idea that you want us to fund
  3. How you intend for your idea to have wider influence and contribute towards the change we want to see (for example, how you plan to: share and disseminate learning; collaborate and connect with others; gain institutional support; or influence changes to existing policy or practice)
  4. The estimated amount of funding you are looking for and proposed timescales

We will aim to respond to your proposal within 10 working days. If we then want you to submit a full bid for funding, we will work with you to prepare this and will probably arrange to meet with you to explain our work and discuss your idea in depth.

If you need any further information or to have an informal chat about your idea, please contact our programme manager, Jonathan Lewis by email: or phone 01793 652618.

There is no deadline for applications.